walking across canopy walkwaybromeliad flowerlooking down canopy walkway
What is the "Out on a Limb - Forest Canopies" exhibit?
"Out on a Limb - Forest Canopies" is a traveling exhibit that will focus on the biodiversity found in forest canopies, links between the canopy and forest floor, and illustrate the challenges of canopy access by scientists.

When will the exhibit be available?
The exhibit is currently under development and will be making its debut in the Spring of 2008. Check back here for more news and updates.

Where will the exhibit be located?
The "Out on a Limb - Forest Canopies" mobile exhibit will travel to different public venues in southwest Florida including colleges, libraries, schools, banks, and scheduled public festivals over 12-18 months starting in the summer of 2006. A schedule of when and where the exhibit will appear will be available in the SCHEDULE section of our website.

Who is sponsoring the exhibit?
The "Out on a Limb - Forest Canopies" exhibit is being sponsored by the National Science Foundation and New College of Florida. The local TREE Foundation is a contributor.

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