Rainforest Biodiversity Guide

Silky Anteater
Silky Anteater

Scientific Name: Cyclopes didactylus

Category: Animal

Primary Layer: Canopy

Fun Facts:

  • Hangs from its tail in the treetops, where it searches at night for termites and ants.
  • Silky anteaters have long, soft, wavy fur. It is a pale golden color. It stands out against a green, leafy background, but it looks just like the golden strands of silk cotton that grow on the tree.
  • One animal that eats silky anteaters is the harpy eagle. Harpy eagles have strong eyes and can see small things from far away. They hunt in the daytime, but it is not easy to see a silky anteater in the day when it is hidden in a silk-cotton tree. In this way, the anteater’s fur protects it from the harpy eagle.