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Games and other activities will be featured here that focus on biodiversity found in forest canopies and the importance of forests to our everyday life. Many of these learning activities will also be available on the kiosk at our Out On A Limb exhibit. Check the schedule to find out where the exhibit will be next.

Biodiversity Guide Biodiversity Guide
Learn more about the variety of organisms that live in the 4 main layers of the rainforest

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Scrolling Rainforest Activity Scrolling Rainforest Activity
Scroll through the layers of the rainforest while trying to identify the organisms located in each layer.
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Organisms of the World Poster Organisms of the World Poster
A poster illustrating the biodiversity worldwide using the relative size of the organism to represent their biomass on the planet.
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Additional activites, posters and educational tools can be found on the TREE Foundation website here.

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